Lee board handle

Our attempt at sailing our Mill Creek 16.5 was taken at around Christmas time. The air temperature was a little above freezing point, and we found it very difficult to adjust the wingnut on the lee board. Since necessity is often the mother of invention, we came up with the following solution:


We both work in a school, in the technology department, and it was simple to produce this design on the school CAM machine. The handles has been produced in two layers. A quick dab of epoxy resin, and the job was done. Itís had a bit of a bashing, but still does the job admirably.

A .dxf file of the basic shape, using the arc command on the edges.





Available files:

A .dxf file of the basic shape, but without using the arc command on the edges, as this may suit some software better.



A .dxf file of the basic shape with cutter paths suitable for conversion in some CAM or CNC software. Use a 3mm router cutter.



A full-size template for the lee-board handle. Use the acrobat version for printing out.

The washers are made from scraps of Foamex PVC, a rigid PVC sheet (left over from a student project).


They grip fairly well, but allow the lee-board to be adjusted.